Our mission

We enable banks, investors and insurers to make better decisions by assessing their impacts and dependencies on nature

What we do

All economic activity depends on natural assets – like water, forests and clean air. These are increasingly being degraded by pressures such as pollution and climate change. We work as an Alliance to manage the risks and opportunities this creates for the finance sector.

“The NCFA is developing the tools and methodologies that financial institutions will all be using in 10 years’ time.”
Simon Connell Senior Manager, Risk Framework and Engagement Standard Chartered

Groundbreaking new tool enables financial institutions to see their exposure to natural capital risk

New ENCORE tool, launched today by the Natural Capital Finance Alliance, is three years in the making and aims to, “Plug nature into financial market decision-making”

By Natural Capital Finance Alliance

REPORT: Exploring Natural Capital Opportunities, Risks and Exposure

A practical guide for financial institutions to assess to understand and assess their exposure to natural capital risks


Banks, investors and insurers will soon be able to measure natural capital risks

Guided by leading financial institutions, the Natural Capital Finance Alliance has created the ENCORE tool for financial institutions


Nature bites back: the impacts of enviromental degradation on economic activity

Our new knowledge base represents a valuable and unique resource for businesses and the institutions that finance them.


Bloom or Bust: How Financial Institutions are exposed to Natural Capital Risk

How is your financial institution exposed to natural capital risk and how does business depend on nature?

The Alliance

The NCFA is a global alliance of financial institutions pioneering tools and best practice to manage natural capital risks and opportunities. We are supported by leading researchers, consultancies and practitioners on natural capital.

Alliance members

Case study – Actiam

ACTIAM uses natural capital thinking mainly for two reasons. Firstly, to mitigate hidden financial risks and secondly to identify investment opportunities.

Case study – Drought Stress-testing Tool

See how drought scenarios affect the corporate lending portfolios of financial institutions.

Case study – Yes Bank

Natural Capital is one of YES BANK's key focus areas that has helped the Bank ensure risk mitigation, and cleaner portfolios.

Case Study- Water Risk Valuation Tool

The Water Risk Valuation Tool (WRVT) was developed to address the often missing link between corporate environmental risk and financial value.