About us

We provide the knowledge and tools that help the financial sector and other partners work together to reduce and manage the risks of environmental impacts and dependencies.

We help drive innovation and develop the practical solutions required to better understand risks, pursue opportunities, and establish the foundation for sustainable long-term economic growth.

We are led by our Steering Committee, who are made up of leading Financial Institutions and environmental experts. They oversee strategy and provide direction and oversight for the Alliance, while in parallel their institutions road-test the tools and methods we develop.

Support for the NCFA

Our work is made possible by partners and supporters who share the project’s goals and objectives.

The Alliance and its Secretariat was originally formed to support the signatories of the Natural Capital Declaration (NCD), which was launched at the Rio+20 conference in 2012. The declaration has been signed by the CEOs of more than 40 financial institutions from around the world. It formalises their commitment to the integration of natural capital considerations into financial sector reporting.

The Secretariat is led by the UN Environment Finance Initiative in Geneva and Global Canopy in Oxford, which together helped to create the Alliance.