What does best practice on natural capital look like?

Help shape a future that not only acknowledges but affirms the importance of natural capital in maintaining a sustainable global economy. See how leading financial institutions are developing and using the latest innovations and practical tools needed to better understand the risks and opportunities from considering natural capital.

Case study – Actiam

ACTIAM uses natural capital thinking mainly for two reasons. Firstly, to mitigate hidden financial risks and secondly to identify investment opportunities.

Case study – Drought Stress-testing Tool

See how drought scenarios affect the corporate lending portfolios of financial institutions.

Case study – Yes Bank

Natural Capital is one of YES BANK's key focus areas that has helped the Bank ensure risk mitigation, and cleaner portfolios.

Case Study- Water Risk Valuation Tool

The Water Risk Valuation Tool (WRVT) was developed to address the often missing link between corporate environmental risk and financial value.

“Every breath of air we take, every mouthful of food we eat, depends upon a healthy natural world”
David Attenborough